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TG 1090, Telegram, Россия Russia, RU
秀茂坪 安達邨連儂牆♥️ Telegram

時間: xxx 開始 至 隨時走得
🧰所需物資: 文宣, 張貼用品, 印影提供者
註: 盡量先聚人, 後行動

🔥反送中 文宣谷link🔥

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秀茂坪 安達邨連儂牆♥️ Webview

From: Россия Russia (RU)

秀茂坪 安達邨連儂牆♥️ TG

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Created Date: 2019-10-24

Can I mute a Telegram group?

In recent times, Telegram has gained a lot of popularity because of the controversy over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In January 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded app worldwide and crossed 500 million monthly active users. And with so many active users on the app, people might get messages in bulk from a group or a channel that can be a little irritating. So to get rid of the same, you can mute groups, chats, and channels on Telegram just like WhatsApp. You can mute notifications for one hour, eight hours, or two days, or you can disable notifications forever.

秀茂坪 安達邨連儂牆♥️

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秀茂坪 安達邨連儂牆♥️


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