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Date: 2021-06-21
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الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF Telegram

قناة تضم كل تخصصات كلية الطب والعلوم الصحية _ جامعة الحديدة

نستقبل ارائكم ومقترحاتكم من خلال هذا البوت


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United States America US Tg Telegram Group & tg Channel

الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF Webview

From: Yemen (YE)

الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF TG

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About الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF

Created Date: 2020-07-31

Export WhatsApp stickers to Telegram on Android

From the Files app, scroll down to Internal storage, and tap on WhatsApp. Once you’re there, go to Media and then WhatsApp Stickers. Don’t be surprised if you find a large number of files in that folder—it holds your personal collection of stickers and every one you’ve ever received. Even the bad ones.Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to Select all. If you want to trim the fat and grab only the best of the best, this is the perfect time to do so: choose the ones you want to export by long-pressing one file to activate selection mode, and then tapping on the rest. Once you’re done, hit the Share button (that “less than”-like symbol at the top of your screen). If you have a big collection—more than 500 stickers, for example—it’s possible that nothing will happen when you tap the Share button. Be patient—your phone’s just struggling with a heavy load.On the menu that pops from the bottom of the screen, choose Telegram, and then select the chat named Saved messages. This is a chat only you can see, and it will serve as your sticker bank. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram doesn’t store your favorite stickers in a quick-access reservoir right beside the typing field, but you’ll be able to snatch them out of your Saved messages chat and forward them to any of your Telegram contacts. This also means you won’t have a quick way to save incoming stickers like you did on WhatsApp, so you’ll have to forward them from one chat to the other.

الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF

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الكليات الطبية _ جامعة الحديدة | USF


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