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Date: 2021-11-23
TG 800078, Telegram, South Africa, SA
إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌 Telegram

❥هـلا يا مـرحبا والف مـلايـيـن #حـيا😻
❥مـرحبـا بكـم عـلى العـين وفـوق #الـراس 🙆‍♀
# كل ما تـريده ستجـده هنا نـكتـب مـا في خـاطرك😉
قــناه جبر خاطر وتجنن🙊
#انشـر ما يـروق لي يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ والتاريخ يشـﮩـد😌👌
#للتـوصل والتبادل👇

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South Africa SA Tg Telegram Group & tg Channel

إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌 Webview

From: South Africa ()

إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌 TG

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About إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌

Created Date: 2021-11-23

Telegram Auto-Delete Messages in Any Chat

Some messages aren’t supposed to last forever. There are some Telegram groups and conversations where it’s best if messages are automatically deleted in a day or a week. Here’s how to auto-delete messages in any Telegram chat. You can enable the auto-delete feature on a per-chat basis. It works for both one-on-one conversations and group chats. Previously, you needed to use the Secret Chat feature to automatically delete messages after a set time. At the time of writing, you can choose to automatically delete messages after a day or a week. Telegram starts the timer once they are sent, not after they are read. This won’t affect the messages that were sent before enabling the feature.

إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌

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إبـدا؏ـات يمـ🇾🇪ـانـيهہْ 😌👌


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