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كلكم كذابون دجالون اخلعوا اقنعتكم وانظروا إلى المرايا التي لاتكذب ستريكم انفسكم على حقيقتها... قيل لي: نحسدك لعدم وجود الحزن في عيونك .. أدركت حينها أني اجيد التمثيل🧩
2020. August. 21
للتواصل أو التبادل : @Wael_ALmuhtadi_bot

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Telegram, a cloud based instant messaging service has been an integral platform to communicate with individuals anywhere in the world, sending messages, sharing multimedia data, and files of any kind. However, Telegram provides a feature of scheduling messages for later which not a lot of people are aware of. Moreover, Telegram provides a feature that allows users to erase any messages which are sent or received during a one-on-one chat by both the users. There are a lot of hidden and undiscovered features offered by Telegram. Similarly, the messaging platform has launched a built-in translator that allows users to translate communications within the app in any language.

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شِي منْ جوّا 💙🌿. Webview

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شِي منْ جوّا 💙🌿. TG

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شِي منْ جوّا 💙🌿.

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