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🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵 Telegram

🌻الســلام ؏ــليڪم ورحمــۃ اللّــہ وبـرگاتــہ

🚫اتبع ولا تبتدع 🚫

🍁قناةٌ سنّيةٌ سَلفيَّةٌ دعويّةٌ تهْتمّ بنشْر الفَوائِد الدِينِيّة

وبِعُلُومِ الشَّرعِ نَرتَقِي 📚

❌ لا مرحبا بالصعافقة في القناة ❌


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Walmart arrives on Roblox for the first time with two new virtual worlds to engage young shoppers

Walmart announced today that it is stepping into the metaverse with two new experiences on Roblox: “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play.” The virtual worlds are aimed at younger Walmart customers and let Roblox players collect new virtual merchandise, play games featuring toys and characters, earn toys from a blimp, attend live concerts, win fashion competitions and more.

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🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵 Webview

From: Россия Russia (RU)

🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵 TG

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About 🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵

Created Date: 2020-09-26

🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵

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🌵🥀ِكُونيْ سَلَفِيَّةٌ عَلىٰ الْجَادّة🥀🌵


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