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The way he told the story is lovely. All the individuals in this collection of army he acknowledges and because of them we got together and now we are the microkosmos of the macrocosmos cuz we matter individually and as a group. no matter where he is as long as army is there it's hishhome the vise versa
This is a new born star
I can't see the question clearly except the humanity and question mark at first but he filled the cross word with words like
Army, astronaut, moon, star, family and cozy
This is the cutest song
Okay the chakho is coming into one of the very interesting theory. the egg theory
My theory about the Egg theory focus and also i think this question would be phasing through all hybe universe.

1: "Interlude: Question" by ENHYPEN

2: "The First Photobook H: OUR" by TXT

3: On the debut performance of TXT

The universe of girls is most likely to unite with their own island. ( rebeling is a sign of identity question.
Assuming Maybe they will have the answer to the question 'who am I'? In Enha repackaged album as well.
Man I am excited for this. Some how I feel there is more than vamp wolf connection. If you think about it the name EN for Enhypen and & ( sound en for and) &team sounds similar but they are natural enemies. Vamp is cold and wolves are warm as if they are yin and yang of one piece. ( I-Land) both auditioned infornt of the public.
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