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Date: 2022-10-25
TG 19111, Telegram, South Africa, SA
- بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛 Telegram

إليا عطينا نمــد الكــف مليــانه
واليا طلبــنا طلـبنا معطي الجنه

ماننحني غير للمعبود سبحانه..
والدين لسلام والمذهب ع السنه..

في وجيهنا للحيى مهده وعنوانه..
ولا كرهنا سوى حاجه بعد منه..

🍃 حياااكم ارحبتووو مليااار 😻

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To pay the bills, Mr. Durov is issuing investors $1 billion to $1.5 billion of company debt, with the promise of discounted equity if the company eventually goes public, the people briefed on the plans said. He has also announced plans to start selling ads in public Telegram channels as soon as later this year, as well as offering other premium services for businesses and users.

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- بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛 Webview

From: United States America (US)

- بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛 TG

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About - بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛

Created Date: 2019-11-29

- بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛

Admin Bot Linkبـــــوح+مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"+-tg-telegram.html

َْٰـُ بـــــوح مـــــاآاربـــيـــهـہ"(💛


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