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Date: 2021-07-12
TG 815, Telegram, 香港群組 Hong Kong, HK
【公海】港島東-太古區 Telegram

1. 公海請勿透露個人私隱/位置/夢境
2. 非常時期請保持公海乾淨
3. 請多帶口罩出街/報哨/拎物資,upgrade自己,協助前線手足
4. Forward message儘量簡短
5. 重覆foward message會刪文
6. 報哨麻煩使用港島東鷹眼 @easternhawkeyebot
7. 發文前請先自行FC

以上條文最終決定權在admin, 如有違反一般情況下會發出一次警告, 兩次mute24, 三次直ban

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【公海】港島東-太古區 TG

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What is Secret Chats of Telegram

Secret Chats are one of the service’s additional security features; it allows messages to be sent with client-to-client encryption. This setup means that, unlike regular messages, these secret messages can only be accessed from the device’s that initiated and accepted the chat. Additionally, Telegram notes that secret chats leave no trace on the company’s services and offer a self-destruct timer.


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