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Date: 2022-10-31
TG 221190, Telegram, United States America, US
☆የፍቅር ጨዋታ☆ Telegram

እንኩዋን ደና መጣችሁ ወደ ግሩፓችን
የዚህ ግሩፕ ህጎች
1. ስለፍቅር የተለያዩ ወሬዎች እናወራለን።💞
2. መጀናጀን፣መጠባበስ፣መተጫጨት ምናምን💯%ይቻላል።ግን በዛው ተጋብቶ ከግሩፕ መጥፋት አይቻልም።😜
3. funny😂 ነገሮችን መልቀቅ ይቻላል።ግን ሌላ ነገር መልቀቅ(app፣photo)አይቻልም፡ ያስባርራል።😡
4. መሳደብ አይፈቀድምremoveያስደርጋል
5. Leave ያለ ጉዱ ፈላ ቶሎ join ይበል

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that has been making rounds as a popular option for those who wish to keep their messages secure. Telegram boasts a collection of different features, but it’s best known for its ability to secure messages and media by encrypting them during transit; this prevents third-parties from snooping on messages easily. Let’s take a look at what Telegram can do and why you might want to use it.

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☆የፍቅር ጨዋታ☆ TG

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☆የፍቅር ጨዋታ☆

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☆የፍቅር ጨዋታ☆


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