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Date: 2021-01-27
TG 65191, Telegram, 香港群組 Hong Kong, HK
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狼人杀群: @werewolfcn
猜大小,21点,赛马等游戏群: @DuanziGame
糗事百科: @qiushibaike
笑掉大牙 @xiaodiaodaya :纯文字段子频道
抖音快手粉丝交流群: @kuaishouTG
闲聊群: @OverseasChinese
"上帝是女孩"群欢迎MM加入: @Godaregirls

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From: Germanyg Deutschlandg (DE)

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Created Date: 2020-02-27

Why Telegram?

Telegram has no known backdoors and, even though it is come in for criticism for using proprietary encryption methods instead of open-source ones, those have yet to be compromised. While no messaging app can guarantee a 100% impermeable defense against determined attackers, Telegram is vulnerabilities are few and either theoretical or based on spoof files fooling users into actively enabling an attack.


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