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XBTUSD A deeper look Halving equals pump... Or not? This morning the block number 630,000 has been created causing the long-awaited ‘halving’, where the number of Bitcoins created from now on has been reduced by half. Bitcoins are 'mined' by specialized…

As I told you in the previous analysis. There was a possibility and we must take it into account, however, the bullish side looked strong and so it was!

With a strong test within 9900, where we have now drawn another purple line representing a resistance structure created by multiple attempts to fall / break, then please pay attention to that line if we are moving upwards, as in my opinion It will be the one that will give us the big boost if things look good.

To go there and try to break it, we need to hold above 9400 (Above the support channel highlighted in blue) create candles in the 4H chart above that area, we will open the doors to 9800 in complete safety.


1- We hold 9,400 and we try to break 9,800 in a failed way, which would leave us within a consolidation channel for some days between 9,400 and 10,000, resulting in the breakdown of one of the two zones (Being more aggressive if we break upwards , due to a CME GAP and in addition to scarce resistance zones) For now, we have a hidden bullish divergence in the 4H chart, it should be noted.

2- We do not hold 9400 and we end up within our blue zone, in a period of consolidation (between 9180 and 9400), a very good area for scalping, although we will most certainly test the parallel support line from months ago if we reached this blue zone (9000 if it passes in at least 5 days, 8700 if we get to leave the blue zone in the near future, 1-2 days)

3- The supports and trend lines cannot bear the downward pressure (Case to consider only if a break within 9180 has a large volume and the candles continue to close below this level) a point that I would take as a reference for deactivate my scalper mode and go for everything with the bears, it would be 8800, where all our lines of defense intercept, if the volume is clear and this area is bleeding, we must take objective # 1 8400 (EMA200) and 7700 as the second (Important support channel)

Anyway, on a bullish level we still look good, so I recommend being bearish only in front of the confirmations said above, of course without hesitation for a second. 9375 looks good for trying to take a knife into the air, with a short stoploss. And so try our first option.
Altsignals Academy
🆗 As I told you in the previous analysis. There was a possibility and we must take it into account, however, the bullish side looked strong and so it was! With a strong test within 9900, where we have now drawn another purple line representing a resistance…

Our TA its going right, little update.

We need to close above 9750 on the 4H chart for a bullish continuation and another test into 9970.

ATM, Hidden Bearish Divergence on the 4H and still below the level to watch. Imo, if we don't close above 9750 we will retest 9400 again.
Again into our channel, stay tuned if we close again above 9420! Read our full TA.

Wonderful chances here in both sides!
BTC crash if we cant sustain this level!!
This is how our basic level looks, with secret tips, and all what you need to start in the world of trading 📟👨🏻 Each capitule is fully of useful information ℹ️ This bomb will be release in few weeks, stay tuned Altsignals 🥶
Overall situation its still the same.

Price below EMA200, not supporting our bounce level and so far with hidden bearish divergence in the 4H chart,

ATM, looks like more crash will come!

Only if we start closing candles above 8800 we can consider a bullish recover
Hello guys, important moment for bitcoin right here

Testing the parallel resistance zone, if we maintain the current bullish volume we can safely go to 9800. Where we would have the next resistance zone before flying to the moon.

Be very careful with this zone of 9500-70, since it could be a fakeout and go again to the low levels.

There are no divergences in 4H, 30min or 1H.

And holding us above major EMA levels.

The safest thing is that we lose momentum and return to 9100
Dear Bitcoin

, the world is crazy and this is important.

I hope everyone is very well, again I greet you with much affection and I hope you are safe and having a good time.

Without more, here we go

Bitcoin has been giving us gifts with clean movements at a technical level, as you know and can see, the price has danced in the most beautiful way within our technical predictions.

Despite the fact that the volume has been really bullish, in the 4H chart we have had 3 hidden bullish divergences in the past 3 days and the price has remained like a warrior. For me, this is still suspicious and important, since right here, really interesting things could happen.

1- (It is probable) - Continue as we are, with bullish responses, it would lead us to test 9800, a level that I have been asking for for some time, without too many obstacles to overcome, it would be an easy objective, we must remember that right there, we have several levels of major resistance. 3, to be exact, our historical regular resistance (9780), the parallel resistance channel (9850) and the red line (9745). For this scenario to happen we must not break below 9480, if and only if we manage to hold the price above this level, we must take bullish positions with a target close to 9800. Taking positions with stop loss below this level is also a good choice with great R: R ratio.

2- (Unlikely) - Here, we will take into account all of the above, only that we will explain the red line, what is the red line, where does it come from and where does it take us? This red line comes from a weekly analysis that I have done, in addition to historical-fundamental analysis, the price of bitcoin, has drawn these red lines for a long time, taking the price to its limit within the channel, which always results in breakouts (greater than 1500% increase in price), sounds good, however my analysis welcomes this event by mid-2021, not now. So crossing above 9800 is an unlikely event and if it did happen it would lead to a bullish explosion.

3- (Most likely) - A fall, ahead of time, if you have traded bitcoin for a while, it will have already happened to you that the price plummets just before what everyone expects, this case will be worth not supporting case 1 , falling below 9480, it would make us test 9200 and 9024. Or getting into the consolidation channel for a while longer. Completely necessary to build better support. If we fall below the mentioned levels, things could get very ugly taking us to 8700 and if we don't sustain it, free fall to 7700.

Keep an eye on your charts and remember to be cautious, the market is ruthless, but we are smart. Happy trading and good day

If you need to know any details or need to talk about the analysis @RCryptoSensei
XRPUSD Looking good.

To take into account this main currency, which is highly volatile and can always give us impressive rewards.

Above .2070 I think we will have good volatility with targets at .2200.

Trying to create bullish divergences, although within a bearish pattern. This move will depend on the movements of bitcoin. However, the result will be juicy when we break out of the pattern, taking .2020 as a bearish break point and .2070 as a bullish breakout.

At the bearish level, the targets are .1920 and .1880.

Good morning members

From our previous analysis, Case 1 met our expectations, going above and beyond testing 10470. Then, almost immediately, falling towards our bearish targets. A really aggressive movement with great manipulation.

Now things have turned, positive at least. We are starting to build support on the red line, which if we maintain it will take us above 9780 and if we sustain that level we will be ready to navigate through the 10000 and later try to resume those levels and not fall.

For now, the position that I see safe, in case of not holding 9700. It is a small short, towards 9420, well leveraged will give us very good results (Based on our red line)

Also, it's Monday, a normally bearish day for bitcoin.

9627 is the most important point. If we do not hold the point, we will have bearish positions, if the reaction is bullish, we take our bullish positions.

Hey members, has been a while since the last xbtusd update.

However, the last one was a perfect prediction about the markets, actually being supported for our $9027 support (Blue line in our chart)

These days help us to create strong supports between that critical level.

We need to continue supporting it and closing candles above the red line which comes from the 2017 highs actually acting as resistance in our 4H chart for a bullish continuation.

BTW, indicators are slowly becoming bearish and neutral, with less bullish options In the PA.

Only closing 4H candles above $9400 we can think about a bullish breakout above 10K.

The most likely scenario is to have a red line retest with a bearish reaction which might bring us again to $9200. In this point we can try to

1-Enter a bullish position with tight stop loss below $9170 (Risky)

2-Update our short stop loss above $9250, continue our trade below $9200 trying to ahead a $9027 as target.

At $9027 level, this one is a key level to have in mind, because its the most probable to get a bullish reaction, so, bullish positions in this point have more chances than above $9200.

If we fail our bullish entry at $9027, we can flip to short for a short squeeze chance!

We are in a consolidation PA, can be boring but safer than volatiles PA (Bullish or Bearish) so, don't rush your entries and exits, trade smart and happy 😋🥇
9200 Hits and moon!

Case 1 become true.

After hit some times our red line, price comes down and hit TP1 (Where we recommend to move our SL to 9250 for who want to hold our short, or just flip to long at 9200)

Now we need to sustain above $9400 if we cant handle it, our target is $9320 (Could be a fast scalp or another long entry)

Next target (Only if we hold the price) is $9800

Happy trading boys!👻
2020/07/12 23:13:11
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