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مملكــــه ســلاطين الكــبرياء TG

Username: R_A_A_K_A_N_N
Update: 2021-05-19 00:05:20
Date: 2021-04-22 13:11:47
TG 139619, Telegram, Germanyg Deutschlandg, DE

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مملكــــه ســلاطين الكــبرياءالـ๘ึ้ـلــ๘ึ้ـه #خہٰٰـلہٰٰـ๘ึ้ـقـنـ๘ึ้ـا فہٰٰـ๘ึ้ـوق #الاسـيٰٰـ๘ึ้ـاد سہٰٰٰٰـ๘ึٰٰ้ـادات مہٰٰانـ๘ึ้ـقـبٰٰـ๘ึ้ـل #ٰٰالـ๘ึ้ـذلٰٰـة ٰٰوحـ๘ึ้ـنـ๘ึ้ـا #ســلٱطـ๘ึ้ـين ✦✵↓↑
#اهلـين : بكـل #عضـو شرفنـا 😻✨
محظـورين @rakn588bot
- مديـر القـناة : @gkyogd 💙🎼

مملكــــه ســلاطين الكــبرياء

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What is Secret Chats of Telegram

Secret Chats are one of the service’s additional security features; it allows messages to be sent with client-to-client encryption. This setup means that, unlike regular messages, these secret messages can only be accessed from the device’s that initiated and accepted the chat. Additionally, Telegram notes that secret chats leave no trace on the company’s services and offer a self-destruct timer.

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مملكــــه ســلاطين الكــبرياء

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Created Date: 2020-04-16

مملكــــه ســلاطين الكــبرياء

From: France (FR)


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