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Date: 2021-05-07
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معلومات ثقافيه، أدبيه وعلميه …
بِالإضافةِ إلى الحديث ببعضِ المواضيع الشائِعة في المجتمعِ.

قبلَ أن تغادر قُل الْحٍمَدٍ للـّہ

تَ، @infor21_bot

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Telegram Desktop App Not Working on Windows?

Reinstall Telegram

If all the fixes listed above haven't worked, you may have to reinstall Telegram as a last resort. Reinstalling fixes all temporary glitches, replaces corrupted files from the previous installation, and installs the most updated version. However, before you reinstall it, it's imperative that you uninstall it properly. Follow these steps to uninstall Telegram: Go to the Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features. Find Telegram in the list. Right-click on the app and hit Uninstall. Uninstalling Telegram App in Windows Control Panel After uninstalling, grab a fresh copy of the Telegram app from the Telegram official website and install it. Even the Telegram website may be inaccessible if Telegram is banned in your country. Hence, keep your VPN connected when downloading and installing Telegram. Fresh installation of the Telegram app will hopefully restore it to its original state. If not, you may want to run an SFC scan on your computer, run a malware scan, and update your OS. After attempting all these fixes, if the problem persists, it's better to temporarily switch to Telegram's web client until the issue resolves itself.

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