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Date: 2021-07-18
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🎗🍚 要食飯, 我俾 🍚🎗 Telegram

我地由 07/2019 年成立. 同香港人經歷過無數次既遊行或民間集會! 每一次, 站在人群中提供免費物資同資助! 我地收到家長捐款會直接提供落有需要既小朋友手上.

請大家一齊打擊食 人血饅頭 騙子!
無謂再信一些, 從來無出現過人群裡既Telegram組織!

小朋友申請助養計劃, Secret Chat 同 Hi... 全部唔覆!
我地處理 助養計劃個案 全部用電腦處理.電腦同Server 都係外國! 所有收到資料保證 100% 加密.

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How to Create a Custom Theme in Telegram for Desktop and Mobile

Like most instant messaging apps, Telegram helps facilitate communication. Its increasing popularity among social media users can be largely attributed to its enhanced privacy and encryption features. Also, its support for large group chat features has seen the app’s user count grow to 700 million monthly active users. The app has introduced several personalization features to maintain the interests of its users. One of such personalization options available to users is the creation of customized themes. Instead of using the default theme that typically comes with the Telegram app, users can now create theirs. Users can also share the created themes with the public. Here’s how you can create a custom Telegram theme on your desktop or mobile.

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🎗🍚 要食飯, 我俾 🍚🎗 Webview

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🎗🍚 要食飯, 我俾 🍚🎗 TG

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🎗🍚 要食飯, 我俾 🍚🎗

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