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Username: BioTikedar
Update: 2021-05-18 22:35:40
Date: 2021-05-07 13:10:46
TG 226145, Telegram, United States, US

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[ بیو تیکه دار ]پیجمون تو اینستاگرام:

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@BioMusic 💥

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[ بیو تیکه دار ]

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Mr. Durov launched Telegram in late 2013 with his brother, Nikolai, just months before he was pushed out of VK, the Russian social-media platform he founded. Mr. Durov pitched his new app—funded with the proceeds from the VK sale—less as a business than as a way for people to send messages while avoiding government surveillance and censorship.

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[ بیو تیکه دار ]

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Created Date: 2020-07-23

[ بیو تیـکِھـ دار ]

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