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إنسان ليبرالي
يقرأ الكتب
شاعر عراقي انتجه الهلع
منعزل في غرفتهِ
يحب مساعدة الناس
ويكره نفسهُ جداً
نظيف وطاهر
لا ينافق
اخيرا صديقه الوحيد الله
قناتي الثانية للمثقفين فقط @tendon2
رسائلكم هنا @ahmedmlath98_bot

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How Do Japanese Show They Care? By Sending a Telegram.

TOKYO — When he got married this summer, Hiroshi Kanno, who works at a security services firm in Tokyo, wanted to make a big statement that would impress his future in-laws. So he asked for his company’s president to send a congratulatory telegram. It arrived during the wedding party and was read aloud. “It really pumped up the atmosphere,” Mr. Kanno, 33, said. “I felt like a celebrity,” added his wife, Asuka, a 31-year-old office administrator. They posted photos of that message and another wedding telegram on Twitter, along with the his-and-her Hello Kitty dolls that were delivered with the notes.

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