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Date: 2020-11-03
TG 65173, Telegram, مصر Egypt , EG
🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌 Telegram

مــنـو؏ـــاتـﮯ ديــنيهـْ

قناه دينية اسلامية

🕋 صور اسلامية⚘🕋

📚 قران كريم 📚

📕 احاديث نبوية 📕

⚘ ادعية واذكار⚘

📖 قصص 📖

للتواصل معنا👈 @slatk_bot

انشر بارك الله فيك ليستفيد غيرك👇👇


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Telegram Group Link

How to Mute Conversations

With your “Archived Chats” folder finally hidden from view in the chat list area, if the other party decides to send you a new message, the conversation will pop up again in your regular chat feed. To ensure your conversation remains hidden, mute the conversation in question by following the below instructions.Find your “Archived Chats” folder. If you’ve hidden it from view on your mobile, swipe from the top of the app and release to bring back the folder. Long-tap on the conversation in question and select the “Sound” icon at the top. Select “Disable” to stop worrying the conversation will resurface in the app’s main area. On PC, tap on the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner. Select “Archived chats” at the top to get the conversation you hid. Select the chat in question, right-click on it and opt for the “Mute Notifications” option. Hit “Mute forever” or “Mute for…” and select a time frame that suits your needs.

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🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌 Webview

From: العراق Iraq (IQ)

🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌 TG

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About 🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌

Created Date: 2020-02-26

🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌

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🕌اقم صلاتك تنعم بحياتك🕌


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