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بــرود🍃 Telegram

• ﻟِ شـآﺂب مٰتـقلـب ﺄﻟمٰـزﺂجہ ،💆🏻‍♂🍿!
• يعبث في ﺂﻟتليجرﺂمٰ حتـۍ ينتهي يومهہ،🥀🕸!

• ﻟ رمـزيـات ، ﺄغغـآنـيٰ ، وڪلشيٰ قمٰيل ،🌀💛!

•﴿ ﺄُنـشِـأتْ ، ١٧ /١١ / ٢٠١٨ ﴾
#قبـل المـغادرة قول ﺂلحمداللهہ"̯💛✨

لـ #ربــع عــ ــلوشٰ الــــــشيــخ

Telegram Link: tg-me.com/joinchat-AAAAAEfYxi490LE244Z-bQ

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Telegram might soon let you protect your account by linking it to your email

Telegram is reportedly working on a new way to help users protect their accounts. The upcoming feature will let you link your account to an email ID, and Telegram will use it for verification every time you log in from a new device.Although Telegram has not shared any details officially, app developer and prolific reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has managed to grab a few screenshots showcasing the in-development feature. As you can see in the attached tweets, the feature will give users the option to add an email ID “to protect your account.” The feature will also include a Sign in with Google option for Gmail users.

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بــرود🍃 TG

Telegram Link: tg-me.com/joinchat-AAAAAEfYxi490LE244Z-bQ

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