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Date: 2020-10-02
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• أريد أن ألتقطَ لك صوراً دائمًا.. 📷

هذهِ اللّقطاتُ يجبُ أن تؤرّخ ؛ وأن لاَ يُوضَع خلفَها تارِيخ
بلْ أنْ يوضَع خلفَها قلبِي .🖤📎

• بُوت خَدمـات عُمـق 📨

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Telegram new update brings infinite reactions, emoji statuses

Encrypted messaging app Telegram has announced that it is rolling out a new update that gives users more ways to use new emojis to express how they are feeling -- with infinite reactions and emoji statuses. The company said that premium users can pick reactions from an infinite selection of custom emojis. To make choosing from thousands of emojis easier, they can now attach up to three reactions per message.

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• عُمـق ٰۦ • Depth 🔗🖤 Webview

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• عُمـق ٰۦ • Depth 🔗🖤 TG

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• عُمـق ٰۦ • Depth 🔗🖤

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